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Subject: RE: [election-services] Online ballot delivery - the nay sayers view

We've heard all of this many times before, so nothing changes.  Seems like some of the examples given, eg returning completed ballots by email, only give fuel to the anti-evoting brigade. But as we've said many times before, we need to stay out of this whole debate about internet security, that's not what EML is about.  We can say a lot about audit which will cover a lot of the comments in this article but that apart I would not want our webinar to get too deeply involved in this type of debate. 


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Subject: [election-services] Online ballot delivery - the nay sayers view

Notice the comments and discussion posted are excellent and point to flaws in the article.


This certainly can help frame our webinar plans - there's a lot of disinformation in this CW article.

Ignoring the success of Holland with their overseas voting and positioning paper ballots as the gold
standard when clearly everywhere in the world - people see the opposite - ballot stuffing and other
manipulations are rampant.


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