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Subject: Re: Need Copywriting Help on the EM IAEM Ad

I'm happy to help, but I'll need a bit more to go on.

First, what is the goal of the ad? To educate the readers on the benefits of the standards, to make people aware that the standards are widely used, to drive traffic to the demo, to drive traffic to the Product Directory, to encourage greater participation in the technical work, to get the attention of fire fighters...?

Second, who is the target audience? How technical are they? Is this their first exposure to EDXL or can we assume a basic familiarity with at least some of the standards? What are their hot buttons?

Third, I'd appreciate any help Lee can provide on Haiti and HAVE. How about the other specific examples? Where can I go to get the raw data on those?

Fourth, what is the cost of placing this ad? Do you have a contact at the magazine I can talk with?


On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Rex Brooks <rex.brooks@ncoic.org> wrote:
Hi Carol,

I have attached a jpg of the Ad Collateral and Docs SC and the Word doc for it as well. This is what we're building to deliver to the EM Adoption TC Friday. We chewed over the two samples I sent out last week and settled on this one.

I need help with the copywriting and I hope there is someone who can spend some time helping me fill in that copy. Can you help?

Apparently no one has any trouble with the Bold Lead Ins for the paragraphs describing the specific examples of work included, but most importantly, we do not know if Lee Tincher can help us make certain we don't overstate the case of HAVE in HAITI, where I believe we want to emphasize flexibility. I am copying Lee and the SC with this message.

I think I can keep our copy to the facts with the examples noted in the bold lead ins to the other paragraphs, except for the last one since I have not followed scheduling the after-event webinar. Perhaps Jane Harnad could help us on that.

Werner is checking with Tom Ferrentino to see if we can find a cost-free alternative to the main image since Tom is a fireman, or formerly a fireman and may have images that would work. Otherwise we will need to pay the stock photo fee, though I deliberately chose one that is amongst the least costly and most immediately connected with the actual photographers.

I came up with the tagline because I was at a loss, but the idea emerged in discussion that we should see if we can manage to field some small umbrella giveaways with the OASIS and/or OASIS EI MS logos on them to fulfill the implied promise. As I understand it we will be having the interop demo, so we also need some info on that and the booth number.

The plan is to present this to the TC at Friday's meeting and ask for approval to take it to the EI MS. On Monday, we want to send it to the magazine and ask what we need to do to prep it for them.


Carol Geyer
Senior Director of Communications and Development

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