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Subject: Note on my Status

Hi Folks,

Every year about this time (somewhat before July) I start having to 
think about renewing or arranging for my OASIS membership to be renewed. 
This year was no different, except that the decision by NCOIC was 
discussed earlier than usual. However, they decided to renew, and that 
includes me for now. Since I'm an invited guest, that could change on 
its own, but, while there is some uncertainty about what I will be doing 
specifically, I will continue as before for now.

I suspect that there will be a need to converge and liaise between the 
two organisations over the TSO, and it may also include the need for the 
kind of ontology we have discussed in the RIM SC, and perhaps one or 
more CAP profiles. This is all completely speculative at this point, so 
please don't say that any of these would be needed, but in studying the 
TSO more carefully, I expect we will need to discuss it more fully 
within RIM and the overall EM TC at the least. I'm looking at it more 
carefully now.


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