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Subject: Re: [emergency-adopt-docs] CAP Icon Question from Australian CAPProject

Thanks Greg,

I have been a little remiss in scheduling a new C&D SC Meeting, in part 
because I knew that trying to get anything more done before the US 
holiday we've just finished was not a wise move. So I'm using this reply 
to remind Tom Ferrentino and Elysa Jones that we need to get new PIN 
numbers. (nudge nudge)

Today would have been a C&D day before the last 
two-weeks-meeting-in-a-row we scheduled and used to work on the CAP 
symbol. I'm working on prepping our recommendation for the EM TC Meeting 
next week.

Greg, I will add your request below to the message I send to the TC to 
reinforce the notice we'll get from Kavi when I upload the final 
recommendation building on the suggestions doc that Werner provided for 
us. I should get that out later today, but it could slide until tomorrow.


On 9/4/11 7:44 PM, gregory.trott@ag.gov.au wrote:
> Does use of proposed CAP Icon symbol enable CAP Consumers to assume the CAP message is wrapped in EDXL?
> An Australian CAP user has asked this question about future use of the CAP icon symbol. They are interested to know whether use of the icon symbol will enable a CAP Consumer system to assume that any CAP messages being generated from a CAP Producer will be wrapped in EDXL?
> The Australian User highlights that offering raw CAP, without any wrapping presumes a compliant Consumer.
> I request that:
> 1) the C&D SC considers explicitly addressing this point in the announcement / submission to the EM-TC; and
> 2) that OASIS identifies exactly what a CAP Consumer can assume will be available from any CAP Producer who uses the CAP Icon symbol to denote the availability of their CAP conforming data feed.

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