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emergency-adopt-docs message

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Subject: Special: Todays Meeting Times: Re: OASIS Emergency outreach efforts

Hi Everyone:

For Today, if all can make the 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, we should pre-empt the RIM call for the purpose of the outreach effort.

The normal Correct Time for the Collateral & Documents call is 12:00 p.m. and the Adoption TC call is 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

The RIM SC call is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. Eastern.

Call in at 11:00 a.m. and we'll go from there.


On 6/7/2016 7:27 AM, Carol Geyer wrote:
I could be on a call from 11-11:30 EDT today, but Kavi is showing the EM Adoption TC call starting at 12:30 EDT and the Collateral call staring at 12:00 EDT. 

Please confirm that 11:00 EDT is the starting time.


On Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Elysa Jones <elysajones@yahoo.com> wrote:

This is a resend of a message from 2 weeks ago.  I have just concluded the CAP Workshop planning call for our Aug workshop in Thailand.  We would like very much the guidance of Carol and Robin as we plan our outreach effort for the Emergency standards with some exciting opportunities coming up.  Please respond if you can make the Emergency Adoption call/s today from 11-12EDT. 


Dear Carol and Robin, 


You may be aware of the work the OASIS EM-TC has been involved with regarding our liaison with HL7.  The SDOs will jointly release a bi-directional transformation specification (as a Committee  Note) between the EDXL Tracking of Emergency Patients (TEP 1.1) standard and the HL7 ADT 2.7.1.  This is the effort I spoke to Carol and Dee about at length when we met face to face last month. 


This is a first and something we have worked on for several years and want to bring attention to not only in the OASIS community but around the world.  The final documentation is being prepared for a publication request at HL7 and we will approve the final CN in the next EMTC meeting next week.  HL7 requires their members to have 90-days with a newly published document before it is made publically available. We would like to use these 90-days to prepare our marketing and press material.  The HL7 30-year anniversary meeting is Sept in Baltimore.  They will be doing a lot of publicity there and we need to do the same.  I have contacts for you with the folks at HL7 that we can talk to about a joint press release.


My thought in general is that we need your help and guidance on not only this but the following efforts in promoting adoption of our work:


August – CAP workshop in Bangkok.  CAP now reaches over half of the world’s population with alert information. 

September – OASIS-HL7 release join effort to support emergencies patients

October – IAEM (International Association of emergency managers) annual meeting in Savanah highlighting all EM standards.


We would like to invite you to attend our next Emergency Adoption committee meeting and associated Collateral and Documents SC to give us your thoughts and input on a plan to bring awareness to these efforts.  Those meetings are the same day, June 7 from  11-12EDT.  I hope you can join.


Thank you!


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Interoperability Member Section



Carol Geyer
Senior Director, OASIS

Join OASIS at:
Borderless Cyber Europe
8-9 Sept  | Brussels

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
1361 Addison St. Apt. A
Berkeley, CA 94702
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