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Subject: Fwd: 2019 outreach

Hi Everyone,

The email from Elysa, below, provides basic info about the events we are planning to attend and support this year. So we can use this as an agenda for our next telecon meetings next week. We may add another event if we find one that is appropriate and timely.

I will be writing a series of articles/blogs focusing on our specs and standards and the RIM SC's Developer Framework/Toolkit and the journey of how we developed them and I'd like all the help I can get. Ultimately, in addition to supporting our efforts at the events listed below, I want this series to support the effort to find funding for a more complete set of materials in what Jeff Waters calls a 'Modern Emergency Management Framework' which is a White Paper he is developing that describes this expanded framework in association with the Distribution Element.

More to come,

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Subject: 2019 outreach
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2019 08:54:11 -0600
From: elysajones@yahoo.com
To: rexb@starbourne.com

Hi Rex, I know you asked me for this but can’t find the email.


  1. NFPA  San Diego: March 5-6.  Bill Lent wants slides from us for an update and happy to have Jeff participate since he is in the area. (I will be out of country).   Can’t seem to find this on the NFPA site, need to send note to Bill and intro to him/Jeff if Jeff can go.
  2. NASEMSO Salt Lake City:  May 13-16.  Schedule is attached.  Tim and I are scheduled to meet today at 3CT to discuss the paragraph to send re what we would present.
  3. HL7 Atlanta:  Sept 14-20.  Need to do a big splash at BoF to be scheduled and arranged with Scott’s help.  www.HL7.org
  4. CAP Workshop:  no firm date set, usually Sept and planned for Mexico but no confirmation yet.  Backup plan is Geneva.
  5. IAEM Savanah GA:  Nov 15-20.  Details at https://iaemconference.info/2019/ Information about speaker call (open now) found there.  Normally Fri/Sat/Sun are days for pre-conference training.  We owe staff a write up on what we want to do to see if they will give us a slot one of these days.  The healthcare caucus may allow us a speaker at their pre-conference training – need to get with McGuire to inquire.


Hope this helps.


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Member Section Steering Committee


Virus-free. www.avast.com

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