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Subject: Note: Attendance in Today's Scheduled Meetings

Hi Everyone,

Scott joined the RIM SC Mtg, but had a cold, so since no one else showed up, there was no quorum and regardless of the fact that we could have conducted the meeting, I just recorded the attendance. I did that instead of cancelling the meeting because cancelling the first instance of scheduled series (which this meeting was) cancels the whole series.

I did the same thing with both of the Adoption meetings since no one showed up but me. I'm also having pretty serious problems with my main Windows computer and until I either get it fixed, or get a new one, I didn't and don't want to take chances with it possibly dying on me when neded for anything--sheesh. Hence my decision not to require re-entering the meeting series info if I cancelled.

My old Mac Mini is now no longer taking the new system versions. So it's on the chopping block, too, though it's in putatively better shape than the Windows 10 box.

Anyway, Happy New Year Everyone, and let's try to get our heads into meeting in two weeks.


Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
1361 Addison St. Apt. A
Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: 510-898-0670 

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