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emergency-adopt-events message

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Subject: Emergency Management Event - fall 2009

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to pass along an update on our Emergency Management fall event for
tomorrow's meeting.  Please review and forward questions.

Regards, Jane


After a few discussions with my contacts at DHS, we concluded that the
original DHS location doesn't work for the Interoperability demonstration
part of our proposed event.  The space, security, and limited internet
connectivity were the major reasons.  My contacts suggested the NOAA
Headquarter location, which includes a conference center, would be a great
venue.  This facility is located in Silver Springs, Maryland (outside DC).
Location details may be found at:  http://www.arl.noaa.gov/ss_directions.php


The dates are still set for September 21-22, 2009; however, moving to the
new venue may dictate otherwise. 

Program Development:

Attached is a very draft outline of the timing for the event.  This will be
adjusted as discussions move forward.  

Critical Next Steps:

1.) Confirm venue, including dates
2.) Decide on an event theme & event title
3.) Discuss program development approach: inviting vs. call for
4.) Draft overall program description 
5.) Define audience


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