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Subject: Re: [emergency-adopt-events] FW: Mass Casualty Conference at theCDC

First I
ve heard of this specific event, but a similar use case was suggested to 
me during a presentation I attended on Semantic Technologies for 
Healthcare Reform this morning at the Semantic Technology Conference. 
Apparently, many people appear to have been sensitized to the 
difficulties that will be presented by a mass casualty event.

You know attending these sessions is really a lot more fun and 
stimulating than rehearsing like mad and giving a presentation onesef. ;-)


Jane Harnad wrote:
> Does anyone have any information on this event? Please let me know. 
> Thanks, Jane
> *From:* Sareth Neak [mailto:sarethn@hsoutlook.com]
> *Sent:* Tuesday, June 22, 2010 11:05 AM
> *To:* jane.harnad@oasis-open.org
> *Subject:* Mass Casualty Conference at the CDC
> Dear Jane,
> On July 27-28, Homeland Security Outlook is coproducing the *Altered 
> Standards of Care & Surge Capacity in a Mass Casualty Conference* with 
> the CDC and Atlanta’s Metro Medical Strike Team. It will be held at 
> the CDC facilities in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a program designed to 
> maximize educational and networking opportunities for the emergency 
> management and medical community in the southeast region.
> We hope to involve ­­­OASIS InterOp: Facilitating Emergency Response 
> Using Open Standards in the program by your attendance or sponsorship, 
> as we know that you play a critical role in augmenting the public 
> sector’s capabilities.
> The *Altered Standards of Care & Surge Capacity in a Mass Casualty 
> Event *will bring together an influential gathering of medical and 
> public health leaders to teach preparedness planners at the Federal, 
> State, regional, community, and health systems levels how to plan and 
> support surge capacity in healthcare systems, and how to develop 
> altered standards of care to meet mass casualty needs during natural 
> or manmade disasters.
> We’ve designated a limited number of sponsorships and exhibition 
> spaces, all of which are created to help your company reach key 
> decision makers and maximize your exposure at this event.
> With great needs in the area of mass casualty preparedness and 
> response, the *Mass Casualty Conference: Altered Standards of Care and 
> Surge Capacity in a Mass Casualty Event** *Conference will provide 
> professionals in this community with invaluable insights and 
> networking opportunities.
> Please call me at 571-312-4063 or email me at 
> Sareth.neak@neakmedia.com <mailto:Sareth.neak@neakmedia.com> to 
> discuss the sponsorship opportunities currently available. For more 
> info on the agenda, location and speakers, please go to 
> www.masscasualtyconference.com <http://www.masscasualtyconference.com>.
> All the Best,
> *Sareth Neak*
> /President & Publisher/
> *Homeland Security Outlook*
> *Neak Media, LLC*
> 700 Princess Street
> Suite 202
> Alexandria, VA 22314
> *Ph:* (571) 312-4063
> *Fax:* (703) 666-9088
> *Email:* sarethn@hsoutlook.com <mailto:sarethn@hsoutlook.com>
> www.hsoutlook.com <http://www.hsoutlook.com>__
> www.masscasualtyconference.com <http://www.masscasualtyconference.com>__
> www.neakmedia.com <http://www.neakmedia.com>__

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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