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Subject: RE: [emergency-adopt-events] HL7-BOF-Call for Participation Bullet Points


Won’t this be more of invitation to attend the BoF at HL7? Is it a requirement to be an HL7 member to attend the conference/workshop? If that is the case, we need to really stick to outreach to common OASIS/HL7 members.

We need something more compelling than these bullets, so please try to construct a few paragraphs about why this work is so important and what problem does the spec address in a crisis/disaster. Remember, most of these people don’t have a clue what CAP, EDXL, etc. are. What role does the HL7 spec play in the scenario?




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Subject: Re: [emergency-adopt-events] HL7-BOF-Call for Participation Bullet Points


I agree with Elysa that we want to focus on the OASIS-HL7 collaboration in Tracking Emergency Patients (TEP by itself is just another TLA), so I would spell it out.




On 8/4/2016 7:30 AM, Elysa Jones wrote:

I suggest the text points be listed as:


Title:  Bridging….

When/where:  …

Purpose:  Demonstrate the use of the HL7-OASIS TEP joint release bi-directional transformation document

OASIS EDXL standards to be highlighted are:  ….

HL7 messages are: …


I think it is important to state our purpose to be the joint document.




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To: emergency-adopt-events@lists.oasis-open.org; Darrell O'Donnell <darrell.odonnell@continuumloop.com>; Thomas Ferrentino <tferrentino@verizon.net>; scott.m.robertson@kp.org; Carol Geyer <carol.geyer@oasis-open.org>
Subject: [emergency-adopt-events] HL7-BOF-Call for Participation Bullet Points


Hi Everyone,

Here is our first pass at bullet points for the Call for Participation for the HL&-Bof Demonstration/Presentation:

  • Specific text points:
    • September 20, 2016, 5:15-6:15 pm, Constellation Ballroom D, Hyatt-Regency Baltimore, Md
    • Bridging Emergency Patient Information Between Hospital Systems and Emergency Services
    • Purpose of demonstration:
      • Show use of the following standards in a mass-casualty scenario tracking emergency patient information flow across different systems and devices
        • EDXL-DE
        • EDXL-HAVE
        • EDXL-TEP
        • EDXL-TEP-v1.1 to HL7 Messaging Transformation Document

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