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emergency-adopt-outreach message

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Subject: Request: Call Me If I'm Late

  Hi Everyone,

My apologies for missing today's call, the second one in a row now, I 
believe. I had my head down in work and lost track of time.

If possible, could someone call me if I'm late like this?

Unless I'm ill, injured or deceased, I'm just working, not sleeping. 
Early morning is the time I'm at my best and when I do the bulk of the 
work I do, so it is also the time when I'm most absorbed in that work, 
and liable to miss meetings. Today's meeting was  a classic because it 
was both especially important and disappointing, because I can't now 
contribute some relatively important information about how we can 
conduct outreach to the authoring for the TSO. and the fact that the 
Oct. 14 date for the EDXL Webinar may conflict with the SitRep 
Face-to-Face. Doing it like this doesn't connect with people the way it 
does live in person or in a telecon.

There should never be a problem calling me because my phone number is in 
my signature, so you only need to grad an email from me and there it is.

Again, I am very sorry to have missed today's meeting. I'm sure this is 
just as frustrating for you as it is for me, but it doesn't have to 
happen. I grant you, no one should need to do this, but I don't know 
another way to work. If I don't give anything I work on my full 
concentration, the consequences can be worse.

Back to Work,

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