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emergency-adopt message

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Subject: OASIS Emergency Management InterOp Demo at IAEM Conf in Orlando

Hello Everyone,

Below are a few details on our potential booth space at the IAEM/EMEX event
this October.  Unfortunately, I am still waiting for some information, so
the details below are not complete.  Once the rest of the pricing is
received - details on the participant fee will be forwarded.  

Please review and let me know when we can discuss this option further.  

Kind regards, Jane

A.) The best offer IAEM is able to pass along to OASIS is a 10% discount.
Below are our booth space pricing options:

1.)	10x10 - $23.00 psf = $2,300 with discount $2,070
2.)	10x20 = $22.00 psf = $4,400 with discount $3,960

B.) Booth space location options include:

1.)	10x10:  spaces 223, 224, 225, 226, 227
2.)	10x20:  spaces 216, 220, 411, 417
	* Floor plan can be found at:
C.) Standard Booth Package:  
		The cost to exhibit includes a booth with standard back
drape and side rails, one table, two chairs, aisle cleaning, general
security, listing in the official show publication. IAEM Affiliate Members
will also receive a complete list of attendees.  In addition, each 10'x10'
booth entitles the exhibiting company/organization to two booth personnel,
who are encouraged to attend the general sessions and participate in
meal/social functions included in the registration fee. 
D.) Additional charges may include:

1.)	Internet - Standard Line Services ( 10-Base-T ), Shared Ethernet
Service (Single Public IP address) SE will cost $1,295
2.)	Carpet & Padding - price to be determined
3.)	Computer Monitors - estimate that a 20" monitor to cost between
$100-$150 each
4.)	Electricity - depending on the equipment & number of participants,
this could run us anywhere between $1,500-$3,500
5.)	Additional tables and chairs & literature rack(s) and/or easel(s) =
prices to be determined
6.)	Lead Retrieval - price to be determined
7.)	Additional Booth Staff - price to be determined
8.)	Meeting Space Rental (if needed) prior to the show - to practice
and/or meet, to be determined
9.)	Printing - booth space handouts, as well as attendee welcome package
handouts (if IAEM takes us up on our co-sponsorship partnership package)
	10.) OASIS Staff - press release distribution & travel
	11.) Presentation Time - each 30 min presentation timeslot within
the showfloor theater costs $250
	*Other items may be added once all the information becomes

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