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emergency-adopt message

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Subject: Create free listing in OASIS EDXL Product Directory

If you haven't already listed your EDXL product in the OASIS EDXL Product
Directory, we strongly encourage you to do so today (in advance of
tomorrow's webinar). The EDXL Product Directory enables potential customers
to easily locate products that support CAP or any of the other EDXL
standards. http://www.oasis-emergency.org/products

Listing your product in the directory is simple, quick, and free.

1. Register at http://www.oasis-emergency.org/user/register

2. Submit your product listing at

Note: The EDXL Product Directory is one of the many activities of the OASIS
Emergency Management Adoption Committee. If you aren't represented in that
group, get involved and help grow the EDXL market.

Please contact me with any questions about posting to the directory.


Carol Geyer
Senior Director of Communications and Development

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