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Subject: CITIG Conference Ottawa Dec 5-7

Re Jane's email re conferences of interest.

I am recommending OASIS conduct an interoperability demonstration in Ottawa, Ontario Canada the week of December 5th, at the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group (CITIG) conference. 

The U.S. Embassy here in Ottawa has indicated its interest in supporting. CITIG is supportive. The Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System (MASAS) National Implementation Team, which is working with FEMA and DHS S&T towards MASAS/IPAWS interoperability will support as well. 

CITIG is an initiative of Canadian Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services Chiefs organizations. Through their efforts, Canada has developed a national interoperability strategy and plan for voice and data interoperability. That plan now recognizes MASAS and CAP. CITIG works very closely with DHS and FEMA, and numerous U.S. stakeholders attended their conference last month. 

I add that anything to do with NIEM is of interest to Chief Information Officers of Canadian federal departments involved in public safety. 

I am travelling with CITIG's lead Friday and may not be able to attend the EMA-TC meeting. I will find time to support the event should it be chosen. 


Doug Allport
Special Advisor - MASAS National Implementation Team, Doug@AllportGroup.com
Executive Director, Canadian Association for Public Alerting and Notification (www.CAPAN.ca), Doug.Allport@CAPAN.ca 
(613) 271-1040 Tel
(613) 294-4425 BlackBerry

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