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emergency-adopt message

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Subject: Emergency Management Adoption Technical Committee

I am away on business today and am unable to host today's EMA TC call.

I will be creating a ballot to vote on the following two items:

1. Changing the EMA Events and Demos subcommittee meeting to 12 noon on the current scheduled Thursdays.

2. Moving the EMA Technical committee meetings to Thursday's at 12 noon from Friday (same scheduled week).


Please think about the following items for our next scheduled call:

1.       What can the EMA TC and subcommittees do to better assist the EM TC?

2.       In doing so what can the EMA TC do to avoid duplication of effort? For example, are we replicating work being done by any of the EM TC subcommittees. If so, then how do we direct our efforts in assisting those subcommittees instead of repeating what already is in process?

3.       Please offer other alternative dates and/or times if the above ballot items do not work for you.

4.       Please offer any suggestions to our next scheduled call.

Thank you


Tom Ferrentino

EMA TC Chair


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