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Subject: Re: [emergency-cap-profiles] Definition of "Profile"

Wikipedia offers a pretty good definition of "Profile (engineering)":

"In standardization, a profile consists of an agreed-upon subset and
interpretation of a specification. Many complex technical specifications
have many optional features, such that two conforming implementations
may not inter-operate due to choosing different sets of optional
features to support. Even when no formal optional features exist within
a standard, vendors will often fail to implement (or fail to implement
correctly) functionality from the standard which they view as
unimportant. In particular, implementations of standards on mobile
devices often have significant limitations compared to their traditional
desktop implementations, even if the standard which governs both permits
such limitations. Also, some writers of standards sometimes produce
vague or ambiguous specifications, often unintentionally, but sometimes
by intention. The use of profiles can enforce one possible

- Art

>>> Rex Brooks <rexb@starbourne.com>  >>>
Hi Folks,

As I went looking for examples of "Profiles" I expected to find a a 
definition of what each of those specifications intended to mean by 
"Profile." So far none that I have seen have a specific definition 
for themselves.  However, I'm not at all sure that it is a good idea 
to leave this up to "common understanding," especially not when we 
have three very specific profiles to specify.

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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