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Subject: Re: [emergency-cap-profiles] Definition of "Profile"

Regrettably life on the technical frontier is rarely so tidy.  Iif we
indulge in premature rules about things we don't yet understand, we risk
inadvertently tying our own hands for later.  And to what end?  It seems
like we're doing fine in terms of identifying and harmonizing the
collection of constraints that comprise this Profile.  I suspect by the
time we're done with the substance we'll find that the form... how to
document it... is pretty obvious.

Jacob asks, "Can a CAP profile be a subset of CAP?"  Yes, that's what a
standard profile is, by the cited definition and by every usage of the
term I've ever encountered.  It's accomplished by asserting a set of
constraints and requirements which should or must be met within the
broader constraints of the CAP spec itself. Thus messages that conform
to the profile are a subset of all possible CAP messages.   How exactly
those additional constraints are expressed may vary depending on their
nature, and I'm not of the belief that the format is of the essence.

Really, I'd urge us not to fall into the trap of making this more
complicated than it actually is.

- Art

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