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emergency-cap-profiles message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-cap-profiles] profile proliferation

> After we get this task nailed down a bit more, we can, if we choose, 
> engage in the broader discussion but I think the next TC meeting is 
> the best place for that. Of course, we can still discuss it on the 
> list here, and see if we can clarify the concerns for that next 
> conversation.

I agree with Rex's comment about a broader discussion in the TC and am certainly not pushing for any decisions or hard and fast rules, just some general conversation.  Its a case of playing devil's advocate and thinking about how this profile as a precedent will define what a CAP profile is.

> A profile is not the same as a data dictionary.  If a particular sender

I think this is important.  Does a profile incorporate a data dictionary?  Does it "extend" the optional element values if you will.  Going back to the earthquake example, lets say USGS and a number of other agencies get together and propose a geophysical profile for alerts.  It includes an eventCode list to better define geo type events along with some parameters for communicating some basic information that would be used in all geo related alerts they issue.  Would this fall under the definition of a profile?  Is it something the SC would take on?


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