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emergency-cap message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-cap] HTML in CAP <description> OK?

> I seem to recall that the EMA-TC C&D SC removed advice in the Best Practices: CAP elements
> doc NOT to insert HTML in CAP elements (such as in the <description> element. Does anyone
> have feedback on this practice, pro or con?

In the CAP 1.2 spec, "The use of character entity references, such as HTML entities (e.g. &nbsp;) is discouraged."  When composing messages you should always stick to plain text for the standard CAP elements.  You don't really know who your audience may be and the capabilities that they may have.  Injecting a lot of presentation markup that likely provides little net benefit and could cause processing and/or outright rejection by the downstream isn't a good practice.

Jacob Westfall <jake@jpw.biz>

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