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emergency-cap message

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Subject: Notes from the CAP-SC call today



The CAP-SC met today to begin our new schedule.  With Tony Mancuso’s stepping down as co-chair and the other co-chairs Rob Torchon and Jacob Westfall not attending recently, I took notes and conducted the meeting as the EM-TC chair.  Jacob planned to join late and plans to be available to conduct the 7/21 meeting that is on the calendar. 


Sitting in the position of chair for this meeting, I conducted the meeting and provide the following notes:


1.       Attendance:  Elysa Jones (acting as chair), Doug Allport, Norm Paulson, Eliot Christian, Rex Brooks, Gary Ham, Mike Gerber attending.

2.       Adjusted the roster to reflect the voting membership of the CAP-SC – those attending 3 of 5 meetings.  Tony was a voting member but had already removed himself.  Steve Hakusa was changed to a member from a voting member.  I also marked Jacob and Rob as members instead of chairs (as that causes them to be counted as voting members always thereby making quorum unattainable for this meeting today.)

3.       With that change a proper quorum was met and business was conducted as noted below:

a.       We reviewed our plans to have this SC meeting/s in preparation for the upcoming TC meeting to decide CAP issues with TC voting quorum.  With this being our first meeting to do so, members discussed the best way forward now that the issues have been entered in JIRA and member comments added.  Eliot stated that he had no concern with moving forward on most issues and have just a few that need further discussion – Numbers 3, 14, 15, 21, 23 need further discussion in his opinion.  He further recommended that each member of the SC do the same and we come up with a cross section of those we need to discuss and those ready to recommend to the TC to vote.  Rex supported the suggestion.  Mike Gerber is ok with this way forward but will need to go over the list again.  Norm and Gary agreed they could do so as well.  Each person requesting discussion at the SC should respond to this email with those JIRA numbers.  Those remaining will be gathered together for recommending forward.  This should be done by our next meeting.

b.      We also walked through several ways to get to the JIRA issues.  Elysa agreed to ask Chet about the JIRA user documentation that would be helpful for those new to JIRA. 

c.       The time of this meeting 2-3ET on Mondays is problematic for two of our participants and voting members Norm and today both Mike and Gary.  All agreed the time of 12-1ET on Mondays would be better.  We also discussed the frequency and agreed that we would start with weekly until such time as the members decided bi-weekly is sufficient to complete the work of the SC.

d.      Doug mentioned that would put a meeting on Aug 4, a Canadian holiday.  Eliot moved and Doug seconded a motion to not have a meeting that day.  All agreed.  Elysa will adjust the calendar accordingly.

4.       With our meeting complete and no other business, a motion was made by Rex and seconded  by Eliot to adjourn.  All agreed.


Respectfully submitted,


Elysa Jones, acting chair


Chair, EM-TC


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