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Subject: Re: [emergency-cap] Groups - CAP SC Meeting Notes 3-9-15 uploaded

Elysa -

I've shown up when there appeared to be a point to it.  And I've proposed several new directions for the SC... JSON and more recently IoT adaptation, for example.  But those doesn't seem to attract nearly as much interest as wordsmithing the SC charter.  The rest of the time seems to be spent re-litigating old ideas as re-proposed by folks who don't know history.  New concepts seem thin on the ground.

Of course folks who care to spend their time on that have every right to do so, but personally I've moved on and have other, newer priorities.  I did think it was worth suggesting that the SC consider the possibility that its work is pretty much done, at least for the foreseeable future.  If only because it seemed such a taboo concept.

As I've said so many times, "it's a lot of responsibility having nothing to lose."  Not being subject to peer or commercial pressure means I do occasionally get to speak the unspeakable. It's not my intention to give personal offense or undermine anyone's status by doing so, but certainly I'm well past expecting to be thanked.

And while I appreciate the gesture of free membership, may I'll remind you that it wasn't something I sought out?  However, I remain happy to serve when there's a contribution I can make.

- Art

> On Mar 21, 2015, at 17:24, Elysa Jones <elysajones@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Art,
> We are working diligently through the process and it is productive.  Many
> thanks to Jacob, Steve, Norm, Gary and the others that have been actively
> working to do the best job for ALL users of CAP both current and future.
> I'm sorry you have not been engaged in the discussions in the SC -
> especially after I lobbied for and achieved a free OASIS membership for you
> out of our very limited funds.  You have neither attended regularly nor
> responded to repeated requests for your input.
> We will march on although sometimes tedious for the good of all.
> Respectfully,
> Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS
> Emergency Management Technical Committee
> Emergency Interoperability Member Section

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