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Subject: CAP in use around the world



As we prepare for the 2016 CAP workshop in Thailand this year, it is exciting to see the number of countries and territories that have CAP based alert/warning implementations in place or underway.  Have a look at this status of CAP implementations around the world at: http://preparecenter.org/sites/default/files/cap_implementations.pdf  The workshop details can be found at: http://preparecenter.org/sites/default/files/cap-workshop-2016-flyer_18.pdf.  There is no charge to attend. There will be presentations by many users of CAP around the world.  There are still a few 20-min slots for additional presentations.  Contact information is provided on the flyer if you wish to present.


This year, we are considering having slots for short focused discussion around a topic where the CAP user community can weigh in.  I have asked for one of these be reserved for the CAP SC to query the CAP user community there on any issues of interest.  This will be an agenda item on the next CAP SC call. 


During the CAP workshop, we will again have a joint CAP SC and EMTC face to face meeting.  This gives our colleagues that are otherwise unable to attend regular meetings to provide input.  We invite the EMTC to join so any necessary votes can take place supporting the recommendations of the SC.


Please join the CAP SC call if you have an interest.  They are working diligently on the CAP 1.2 errata and the inputs to the updated Practices Guide that will be worked in the Emergency Adoption TC.



Elysa Jones


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