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Subject: CAP Workshop Topics



There are a few topics I would like to put on the agenda for our SC call tomorrow 10/26.  I am preparing for the CAP workshop next week and would like these topics to be considered so that I may update participants at the workshop. 


  1. CAP 2.0.  There has been discussion in several countries around the world about CAP 2.0.  Some are considering waiting until 2.0 is ready before implementing CAP.  I have responded strongly when approached that CAP 1.2 is completely sufficient and 2.0 will be many years in the making and ratification.  It is my personal opinion that waiting is risking lives that could be saved by implementing CAP 1.2 as it stands.  Also I have not seen a driving reason to move to 2.0.  I would like to know the feelings of this SC even to the point of a formal vote in order to provide proper guidance to ITU, WMO and member countries.
  2. Order of CAP SC work.  Our primary work in the SC this past year has been the Event list.  That is addressed below.  However, I would like to present the priorities of the SC after the event list work is complete.  It appears we have the following on our issues list to be worked:
    1. Event list
    2. Practices guide
    3. Practices guide for wireless emergency alerts
    4. CAP 1.2 errata
    5. CAP 2.0
    6. Others?

For our agenda tomorrow, I would like to identify each of these planned works and assign a priority to our effort to address them.  Although a vote of the SC is important, we will also want to take this to the EMTC for a formal vote.

  1. Event list. 
    1. Questions.  Last year we announced at the workshop three questions and sent emails to hundreds (1200+) implementers to get their thoughts on these questions and the event list in general.  I would like the SC to summarize the response to these questions:
  • Question for the workshop:  There are widely used terms with naming conventions that conflict.  For example, Warning is used for some events and not for others in the actual term.  Or Severe Thunderstorm when the actual event is a Thunderstorm, which may or may not be severe, or Extreme Fire Danger versus just Fire Danger.  How do we reconcile this inconsistent naming?
  • Question for the workshop:  There are some narrow terms that fall under several different broad terms.  For  example, Gale under Air Hazard and Gale under Marine Weather.  Or Storm Surge on its own versus also part of a Tropical Storm.  What is the feedback on either consolidating under a single broad term or allowing for the same narrow term to be repeated in multiple locations?
  • Question for the workshop:  In attempting to develop the list we found there are a number of ambiguities between both the broad terms and narrow terms.  In addition there are also some ambiguities with the CAP categories.  For example, Air Quality in the Canadian list falls into 4 CAP categories.   How will the community address the problems of using a very short list of broad terms given these ambiguities?  How can the list be made most useful to achieve the goals of an event list?
    1. Process.  I understand our process as follows.  We have taken all received input, opened issues for public review and to update our discussions and from which we will derive the findings to be reported in an OASIS Committee Note.  Some good background material has been provided for use in the CN by Norm – Environment Canada.  This CN will be a working document.  Provide external link to JIRA and meeting notes.  Other thoughts?
    2. Approach.  The SC has worked diligently on a combined list of events that were contributed.  Groupings of broad terms and narrow terms have been worked through.  This work is drawing to a close with only a few dozen more terms to go through.  Provide externally accessible link to spreadsheet or google docs.  link to current Other thoughts?

The presentation I gave last year at the workshop can be found on the contributions folder of the CAP SC at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-cap/download.php/64143/EMTC%20Update.pptx


Please note that all collected resources regarding CAP can be found on the Global Disaster Preparedness Site at https://www.preparecenter.org/sites/default/files/common-alerting-protocol-references_10.pdf.  This includes links to all previous presentations, implementations by country, this year’s agenda and many more relevant documents.


In addition to the above topics, feel free to suggest other items that should be reported to the CAP community.


Thank you,


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Member Section Steering Committee


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