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emergency-cap message

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Subject: Meteoalarm CAP contributions

Dear all,

EUMETNET, the association of the national European Met services became an OASIS member earlier this year. EUMETNET is running Meteoalarm 
(www.meteoalarm.eu), an impact-orientated, common framework to aggregate, display and make available authoritative warning information for meteorological and hydrological hazards of EUMETNET members (37 NHMSs across the European domain). Meteoalarm is coordinated by ZAMG (Austrian National Met Service) and uses CAP as the standard exchange format for warnings.

I am a senior meteorologist at ZAMG, work for the Meteoalarm programme and joined recently the CAP SC on behalf of Meteoalarm.

A Task Team consisting of Meteoalarm experts and Heads of Forecasting of European Met services was created in June 2018. Main task of our team was to agree on a summary of the recommendations regarding CAP that meets the needs of EUMETNET/Meteoalarm members. The outcomes stet the baseline for the next iteration of CAP in the upcoming programme phase of Meteoalarm, starting in January 2019.

We would like to share this information with you and are very interessted in your feedback. I will upload immediately a summary document in the CAP SC document section. Section 3 of the document contains our thoughts about an international event type catalogue. I know that's on a very short notice, but the information maybe of interest for the discussion in the call today.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend today's CAP SC call, but will be at the CAP workshop next week in Hong Kong.

best regards

Andreas Schaffhauser

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