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Subject: Abstract of OASIS CAP Event Terms List

This message contains the Abstract for Committee Note we're working on for reference in Friday's meeting.


The variety of practices employed regarding âeventâ types in CAP messages makes it difficult to compare messages from different sources. The problem has been presented as an interoperability issue where some consumers of CAP struggle to compare differences in language and meaning of the terms used in the element in CAP.

The element is the focus for this effort as it is the only required element in CAP directly associated with the subject event for a CAP message. Aligning practices surrounding this element, as opposed to other possible candidate elements, is the choice adopted in this work product for addressing this interoperability concern.

However, the element is a free form text element meant to communicate with the final audience and not necessarily for the automated systems that process CAP. The only constraint on is that it be in the same language as indicated by the element in the block the element is found in. Therefore, for consumers, the ability to rely on this element for uses other than just display is not possible.

With this in mind, the concept of a mapping table where CAP originators and CAP consumers can contribute âeventâ lists has been conceived. With this table, language terms can be mapped to each other as a reference for client consumers thus allowing some measure of interoperability to be possible.


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