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emergency-cap message

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Subject: CAP SC meeting for SME input

Hello everyone.  I've added the meeting notes from last Friday where those of us on the call discussed a proposed agenda for the upcoming SME meetings on the Committee Note.  While we await the publishing of the Note, we suggested that Dec 11th and Dec 17th would be the days we hold the SME meetings.

The proposed agenda is as follows and if you have any thoughts or input, please let me know.

1. Jacob will provide a welcome, introduction, and conduct a roll-call.

2. Elysa will lead a review of OASIS IPR policy, describe the difference between a Committee Note and a Standard, and explain how to submit comments.

3.  Norm will explain the purpose of the list, how it was developed, and why its laid out the way it is.  He's going to cover the general aspects of the list and decisions made in its development.

4. The floor will be opened to general SME questions about the Committee Note and its development.  Any specific event questions will be deferred until later, focusing just on generalities.

5.  Scott will provide a brief walk-through of the spreadsheet and some select terms.

6.  The floor will then be opened to specific event related questions from SMEs and continue as time permits.

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