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emergency-cap message

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Subject: Groups - Action Item "Geneva training session." Modified

Action Item Subject: Geneva training session.
Item Number: #0023

uploaded presentaton to oasis for review.

Owner: Mark Wood
Status: Open
Priority: High
Due Date: 09 Oct 2023

Mark Wood 2023-05-12 15:27 UTC
Cell Broadcast training timeslot at Geneva OASIS CAP workshop. (80 Mins?)

Mention that CAP is a general purpose all hazards system and not exclusive to cell broadcast or any other specific last mile delivery technology. -1 slide

Discuss the attributes of mobile alerting. -1 slide

Discuss the challenges associated with mobile alerting. -1 slide

Discuss how cell broadcast and location based SMS solve the problems in different ways.-4 slides

Describe the attributes of cell broadcast. -4 slides

Describe the challenges of cell broadcast and the developments to overcome them. -2 slides

Explain how a CAP message is translated into a cell broadcast message. -4 slides

Give some examples of how an emergency manager can use CAP to get the best results from CB. (mike?)

delivery time about 80 mins, 20 slides, 4 mins each slide.

Mark Wood 2023-06-01 23:22 UTC
uploaded presentaton to oasis for review.

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