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emergency-comment message

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Subject: Observations on HAVE

The attached note is a brief review of HAVE both as a message structure
in itself and in relation to the European fp6 project, also confusingly
called OASIS (I use the suffixes -open and -fp6 to distinguish the

The document refers to the Common Operating Picture (COP), which is part
of the OASIS-fp6 project designed to provide a central situation
awareness database for emergency responders, for which I am the COP
architect. It also refers the Tactical Situation Object (TSO), which is
a lightweight XML message designed to provide basic situation
information to emergency responders. This was also developed in the
OASIS-fp6 project, and is being used to create a CEN Workshop agreement,
which is a European pre-standardization process. I am also vice-chair of
this workshop. We have had initial discussions with Patrick Gannon (CEO
OASIS-open) on co-operation between the two OASES.

The note represents my own views, and it not an official comment by any
of BAE SYSTEMS, OASIS-fp6 or the CEN workshop. In particular, it
reflects my view that software developers rarely have the time to read
standards thoroughly and think through the implications, so that if
there is any ambiguity or inconsistency that leaves two ways to
implement something, then there will be at least three incompatible
interpretations. Consequently, if it seems nit-picking, that's because
it is, but better now than when it is being used for real.

Sean Barker
BAE SYSTEMS - Advanced Technology Centre
Bristol, UK
+44 (0)117 302 8184

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