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Subject: Re: [emergency-comment] Comments on CAP v1.1 IPAWS Profile

Thanks Harold,

Make sure you check the version we send out for the 60-Day Public 
Review. This has been noticed by several readers, and we will address 

Rex Brooks

At 12:23 PM -0500 2/2/09, Harold Price wrote:
>This document is a good starting point for discussion.  I don't have 
>any specific comments at this time.
>In general, however, I'm opposed to having a single alert containing 
>multiple info blocks, some for different target-system types, some 
>for different languages, etc, with the only guideline that the info 
>blocks must refer to the same event, but only the category and 
>eventCode values must match. That allows too much room for drift 
>within the alert, or sub-alerts with different times, or different 
>Every attempt should be made to combining the needs of the various 
>target systems into a single info block before giving up and 
>supporting n targets and l languages by having n*l info blocks.
>To the extent possible, an alert should be normalized - the same 
>unit of data should appear in at most one place, otherwise it is too 
>easy to get different information (not just the same information 
>formatted differently) sent to different systems in the same alert.
>Also, multiple info blocks could attempt to generate multiple EAS 
>alerts (with different effective times) - which is another reason 
>why the EAS-CAP industry group proposed limited EAS devices to 
>looking at a single info block - this area is fraught with problems.
>If multiple info blocks must be used, they should be limited to 
>identical values for as many of the same parameters as possible, 
>which can be machine checked to make sure they are they same. 
>Multiple languages for an event should be the only use of multiple 
>info blocks.
>Harold Price
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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