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emergency-comment message

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Subject: CAP 1.1 Spec. documentation errors

I noticed that the OASIS Emergency Management TC is asking for feedback 
regarding CAP1.1.

I've been reviewing the CAP1.1 specification and writing a program that 
retrieves and displays CAP alerts.  While doing so I encountered a few 
documentation errors.

In the emergency-CAPv1.1-Corrected_DOM.pdf file, published October 2005:

Pg. 12: Description of "scope" element includes this note, "(see <address>, 
below)".  It should refer to <addresses>, not <address>.

Pg. 13: Description of "code" element says, "(2) Multiple instances MAY occur 
within a single <info> block."  It should refer to <alert> block, not <info> block.

Pg. 24: Description of "geocode" element refers to <parameter>.  It should refer 
to <geocode> instead.

I did not see these mentioned in the Errata document, so I'm passing them on to 
you.  If I've simply mis-read the spec., I'd welcome your feedback.

All in all it seems to be a good specification.
I'll be reviewing CAP 1.2 next.

Joel Kinney

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