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emergency-comment message

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Subject: Feedback for public review of cap-v1.2-au-profile-v1.0-csprd01 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]




I request that the following six corrections be incorporated in the next revision of the CAP-AU Profile Committee Specification:


1) Page 12: The reference to the “Australian Government Protective Security Manual (PSM) within Note 2) in the <restriction> sub-element should be revised to “Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF)” as the PSM is now superseded.  Authority for this change is shown on website: http://www.ag.gov.au/www/agd/agd.nsf/Page/RWPE30AA68A4D5313EACA2571EE000AAF9F


2) Page 19: Insert an additional sentence at the end of the current <event> sub-element Note 1): “The <eventcode> value will be extracted from the “Event Code” column of the AUeventLIST.” 


The current note is ambiguous when a reader looks at the AUeventLIST document.  The change will clarify that the <eventCode> examples should reflect the machine-readable code extracted from the “Event Code” column of AUeventLIST (this document is Attachment B to the CAP-AU-STD that has been created in Australia to document the values to be inserted in CAP-AU messages for event and eventCode). 


The <event> values will be the human-readable value extracted from the “Tier 1” or “Tier II” column of Attachment B.  In many instances the words from each of these columns will be the same except for case differences. 


3) Page 23: The <eventCode> Note 1) that currently begins “1) Value SHALL be…”, should be revised to “<valueName> SHALL be” in order to align with the Example A.


4) Page 23: Insert the word “unique” and “or URN” into <eventCode> Note 2) as per following revision: “2) <valueName> MUST reflect the unique short title or URN of the authorised event code list that is to be the source for the <event> value.”


5) Page 23: Insert an additional sentence at the end of the current <eventCode> sub-element Note 3): “The <eventCode> value SHALL be extracted from the “Event Code” column of the AUeventLIST.”


6) Page 25: The second row of the example that currently shows “<value>Civil emergency</value>” should be revised to ““<value>civilEmerg</value>” so that it reflects the correct value extracted from the Attachment B AUeventLIST. 





Greg Trott

CAP-AU Project Manager

Australian Government Attorney-General's Department

Tel: +61 - 2 - 6141 3904 

Email: Gregory.Trott@ag.gov.au


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