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emergency-gis message

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Subject: CAP messages as a GML FeatureCollection

I have updated the following files at http://www.gils.net/cap/
pertaining to offering CAP messages as a GML FeatureCollection:

              a concatenation of the four alert messages given
              as examples in the CAP version 0.9 document,
              titled "emergency-CAP-0.9.pdf" and available at

              draft notes for agreeing a standard process by
              which CAP alert messages may be cast as GML
              (discussed on GIS SC con call Tuesday, July 8)

              a Javascript program that reads alerts.xml and
              constructs alerts.gml  The program implements
              the Implementors Note agreements, and also
              generates a simplistic RSS file.

              a consolidated schema consisting of all of the
              GML version 2/3 schemata components that we need
              to define a circle and polygon. (Ron Lake has a
              different way to get this stuff, but I haven't
              yet learned how to use it correctly.)

              a schema for the alerts.gml file produced by the
              alerts.asp program, according to the draft agreed
              Implementors Note

              a data file of the CAP alert messages cast into
              the GML format, according to the draft agreed
              Implementors Note

              a simple RSS file that gives pubDate of the latest



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