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emergency-gis message

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Subject: GIS SC con call (CAP as GML; EM symbology)

Please plan to join us on the EM TC, GIS SC con call on July 22
12:00 - 12:30 Eastern Time to discuss the challenge to converge
on a common GIS symbology for EM, and the use of GML for EM,
including discussion of delivery protocol choices such as Real
Simple Syndication (RSS) and OGC Web Feature Services (WFS).

The call-in number is 800-453-7412 passcode: 604776

The following note pertains to the use of GML with CAP:


I have, again, updated the following files at http://www.gils.net/cap/
pertaining to offering CAP messages as a GML FeatureCollection. This
latest update fixes some typos and other issues (e.g., the "flat"
schema for alerts still had some elements with "maxOccurs=unbounded").

              a concatenation of the four alert messages given
              as examples in the CAP version 0.9 document,
              titled "emergency-CAP-0.9.pdf" and available at

              draft notes for agreeing a standard process by
              which CAP alert messages may be cast as GML

              a Javascript program that reads alerts.xml and
              constructs alerts.gml  The program implements
              the Implementors Note agreements, and also
              generates a simplistic RSS file.

              a consolidated schema consisting of all of the
              GML version 2/3 schemata components that we need
              to define a circle and polygon. (Ron Lake has a
              different way to get this stuff, but I haven't
              yet learned how to use it correctly.)

              a schema for the alerts.gml file produced by the
              alerts.asp program, according to the draft agreed
              Implementors Note

              a data file of the CAP alert messages cast into
              the GML format, according to the draft agreed
              Implementors Note

              a simple RSS file that gives pubDate of the latest




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