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emergency-gis message

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Subject: RE: Todays teleconference

Sorry I have been out of touch. Took four days off to visit son in Bozeman, MT.
Anyway, there is a teleconference today. Would like to discuss requirements for symbology. I also think that we need a couple of more use cases as part of the document. I wrote a use case for the emergency manager in the EM Center. I also think we need a use case for the first responder in the field during an emergency. We also need a use case for the post event response crews.
In terms of actual requirements, have been thinking about:
1. Impacts of visual impairment (color blindness, dust, smoke, rain, etc.)
2. Possible cultural impacts
3. Intelligent symbols (voice, database records associated with the symbols) so more than just a dumb representation.
4. Requirements for device interoperability (portrayal rules). In other words, how can a symbol be expressed such that it can be displayed on any graphics device (and what about textual only representation).
I would like to get your thoughts on requirements before I put pen to paper this week.


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