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Subject: RE: Notes from Sept 17, 2003 Teleconference

In attendance: Eliot C, Bill S., Art B., Carl R., Gary H (observing)
Only meeting topic was discussion of the draft requirements document for EM Symbology.
1. General agreement that it would be highly useful to have more EM Symbology user organizations provide input to the requirements document. One thought is to determine if Scott McAffee (FEMA) would be interested.
2. Some discussion SVG. Agreement that is good to include. This lead to a discussion of scale independence and scale dependence. General feeling is that use of symbols needs to be as independent as possible from content. How a symbol is rendered in terms of scale is application dependent.
3. Discussion of Language. Agreement that an English vocabulary of symbol names would be normative and that there could be then be language profiles for other languages. This is to properly support a FIND operation against a symbol registry.
4. Some discussion on Audio requirement. Agreement to change the requirement so to The text equivalent for a symbol should be able to be easily expressed as an audio stream.
Action: Carl to incorporate these suggestions and finish a the use case section.
Carl Reed
GIS SC Chair
OGC Executive Director

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