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Subject: [emergency-gis] RE: Revised EM Symbology Requirements

Title: [emergency-gis] RE: Revised EM Symbology Requirements
Thanks for the this terrific and timely work, Carl,

I think this gives us a good jump start. I think a slight addition at the start to include "...consistent national and/or international..." would be a good idea to introduce the full scope of our work at the outset. It should then be apparent that our first priority is working on what we can get our hands and minds around right now, so it shouldn't be necessary to add more than that.

Overall I'm very happy with this, to the extent that I think it would now be a good idea if next week we take it to the TC and say that we would like to start distributing it, perhaps even at the Conference in D.C. to get feedback from the groups we want to be interoperating with in the EM field.

In particular I would like to see if we can nudge some of the features we mention in our use cases into operation sooner rather than later, even if on an ad hoc basis momentarily. There is a simultaneous meeting elsewhere in D.C of the xml working group which Russell, whom was the designated presenter for our COG at the DMIS CAP Demo before we decided to pull out due to lack of time and overcommitment. He will be making contacts that should prove valuable in the governmental sector.

However, I did want to note that our demo is still scheduled to proceed forward, so that my use case may be able to demonstrated, with appropriate maps in the not-too-distant future. We are taking advantage of our delay to assemble a more long-term and full-strength team for this work. We look to be fielding some fairly impressive resources if all goes well, and I see no particular reason why it shouldn't. It is just too good a PR opportunity, and I will saying more about that next week, too. We are in one area of the economy where I doubt that there are any political pitfalls for outreach, so whoever we approach can be assured that this is a win for everyone all the way around.

Now that I am emerging from under the avalanche of meetings and work and that stupid cold, I am discovering that we seem to have landed in a right nice little patch of opportunities.


At 11:46 AM -0600 9/17/03, Carl Reed wrote:
As per our discussions yesterday, a revised version of the draft requirements document.

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