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Subject: RE: Notes from 9/23/03 Conference Call

Notes from 9-23-03 EM GIS SC Teleconference.
In attendance: Carl, Eliot, Tom M., Rick, Rex.
Discussed the requirement's document. Suggested that the Intro be cleaned up and that definitions reflect content of document. Unanimous agreement that after clean-up and any final edits that the document be released to the broader TC with an explanatory note. Carl asked for the group to get any final comments/edits to him by COB Wednesday so that the document can be released to TC by COB Friday.
Spent some time talking about Map registration issues WRT the demonstration. There was a concern regarding believability of any map presentations generated during the demonstration. (This concern was subsequently brought up during the demonstration discussions in the EM TC teleconference. One of the demonstration participants is running ArcIMS and said that could check out and insure proper map registration of the CAP alerts with any displayed base map.)
Rex brought up the 1st HLS Conference. He has already sent the announcement to the list.
Then discussed the issue DHS has with how to best get advice from the private sector. Suggested perhaps best to work through XML.GOV advisory group.
respectfully submitted
Carl Reed
GIS SC Chair

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