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Subject: Re: [emergency-gis] Fwd: [Iaem-list] Standardizing Map Symbology- Weds Dec 3, 12:00 Noon EST

Great, thanks, Art,


At 7:59 AM -0800 11/25/03, Art Botterell wrote:
>FYI.  Scott is a former California colleague of mine...
>>From: "emforum" <amoore@emforum.org>
>>To: "IAEM Posts List" <iaem-list@iaem.com>
>>Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 07:13:34 -0600
>>Subject: [Iaem-list]  Standardizing Map Symbology - Weds Dec 3, 
>>12:00 Noon EST
>>Standardizing Map Symbols -An Initiative to Improve Communication
>>December 3, 2003 -- 12:00 Noon Eastern
>>The EIIP is pleased to host a 'live chat' presentation and 
>>interactive Q&A session, December 3rd, beginning at 12:00 Noon 
>>Eastern Time (convert to your local time). Our topic will be an 
>>initiative begun in 2001 by FEMA, and continued by members of the 
>>Fderal Geographic Data Committee's Homeland Security Working Group 
>>(FGDC-HSWG) and the Open GIS Consortium (OGC), to develop a 
>>standard for map symbols for use in emergency management and 
>>homeland security mapping.
>>Our guest will be Scott McAfee, GIS coordinator for the DHS/FEMA 
>>Mitigation Division. Mr. McAfee helps to develop policy and 
>>coordinate the geospatial information aspects of a number of FEMA 
>>activities and programs, including HazardMaps.gov; Emergency 
>>Management Map Symbology; HAZUS; and Multihazard Flood Map 
>>Modernization. See the Background Page for further information and 
>>related links http://www.emforum.org.  Click on the "Chat Login" 
>>link to participate in the discussion.
>>Then please plan to join us and mark this event on your calendar 
>>now. Newcomers are welcome. If this will be your first time, please 
>>review the instructions on the Background Page and check your 
>>connection in advance.
>>This interactive educational opportunity brought to you by the 
>>Emergency Information Infrastructure Partnership (EIIP).  If 
>>interested in partnering with the EIIP, please see the Partnership 
>>link on http://www.emforum.org .
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