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emergency-gis message

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Subject: RE: Information on OpenMap

BBN Technologies' OpenMap TM package is an Open Source JavaBeans TM based programmer's toolkit. Using OpenMap, you can quickly build applications and applets that access data from legacy databases and applications. OpenMap provides the means to allow users to see and manipulate geospatial information. OpenMap is under constant development - the latest version is OpenMap 4.5.4, released November 8, 2002. There is now a OpenMap 4.6 beta version available via cvs (instructions on the download page). These versions are JDK 1.2 compatible; OpenMap 3.7 was our last JDK 1.1-compatible release.
Click to see a larger image! You can download a copy for free, use it, and make changes to it. Be sure to read the license before you do. So how do we make money? Our business model is to provide consulting, integration, and development services on a time and materials basis. Feel free to contact us at openmap@bbn.com if you'd like to learn more!

Since OpenMap is open source, we welcome additions and changes from the user community. We've incorporated a number of contributions, with plenty of submissions available to the user community separate from the official distribution.

BBN Technologies is an innovative research and development company, providing both advanced research and custom, research-based solutions for our customers. We have over 50 years of experience in technological innovation, and provide expertise in a number of technology focus areas, including acoustic technologies, agent-based systems, logistics, planning, and decision support, and speech and language processing, among others. For a complete list of our offerings, be sure to visit our corporate site.

Data for the ETOPO layer screenshot seen to the right can be found here.

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