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Subject: Re: [emergency-gis] Re: Meeting Mixup

Well, thanks to a really nasty ice storm in Colorado, I could not dial into 
the conference call :-( My wife and I were driving my son to the airport (70 
miles) and what normally takes just over an hour was a 2.5 hour epic! He 
still made his flight time - but was delayed 3 hours :-(

My apologies.



----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Carl Reed OGC" <creed@opengeospatial.org>
To: "Rex Brooks" <rexb@starbourne.com>
Cc: "EM GIS SC" <emergency-gis@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 7:50 AM
Subject: [emergency-gis] Re: Meeting Mixup

> Thanks, Rex. I did set it for Tuesday. Sigh -
> Everyone in GIS SC, the teleconference is today not Sunday :-) at the 
> usual time.
> Cheers
> Carl
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Rex Brooks" <rexb@starbourne.com>
> To: <creed@opengeospatial.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 8:29 AM
> Subject: Meeting Mixup
>> Hi Carl,
>> I was doing my homework this morning before our meetings today and I 
>> noticed that your last changes to the EM-GIS SC meetings got mixed up in 
>> Kavi, which dropped them altogether.
>> The message generated by Kavi had Sunday, January 04 2004 for the date, 
>> but the time was right. The series of repeating events is similarly set 
>> for Sundays in 2004, so I thought I should point that out to you.
>> I only noticed this because I was doing my bookkeeping, getting out the 
>> minutes from last week's HJumanMarkup TC meeting and uploading a boatload 
>> of documents and presentations yesterday and started double-checking 
>> everything since it was the first time I had noticed the Kavi website 
>> updates. It always throws me when things are suddenly not where I expect 
>> to find them and things have a slightly different organization than I am 
>> used to seeing. Regardless, I will try to be on time later this morning.
>> Ciao,
>> Rex
>> -- 
>> Rex Brooks
>> President, CEO
>> Starbourne Communications Design
>> GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
>> W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
>> Email: rexb@starbourne.com
>> Tel: 510-849-2309
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