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Subject: Fw: TSO and IEEE 1512 lists

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Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 12:20 PM
Subject: TSO and IEEE 1512 lists

Dear Carl and Rex,

Attached please find a spreadsheet of TSO parameter names, which has an indexing system, and also in the combined page is incorporated lists extracted from IEEE 1512 for two of the eleven modules. The IEEE lists are either simple or complex. The complex lists include other lists and perhaps also boolean terms. I could send the source XML files for IEEE, but the computer they are on here is having some memory issues just now. Presumably, for such liaison activities, copyright is not a problem, bit I have not asked their office.

If this material is of assistance in considering how to incorporate these standards at the "dictionary" or parameter name level, fine. If it is preferably organized in a somewhat different manner, then that would be appropriate to know before starting the other nine IEEE modules. I did this work so that EAS Event Codes could be harmonized (mostly by addition) with these standards so messages originating from such systems could be appropriately processed with some yet to be defined interface method, if not CAP or EDXL-DE. That aspect is now included in the next filing to make with the FCC.

TSOs have this multilingual capability, which is not included. However a finalized "dictionary" can then be translated to other languages, initially by machine translation, then checked by the appropriate users. There are EAS event codes that also are not included in the spreadsheet yet.

Hope this is helpful and the additions are appropriate and accurate,


Frank W. Bell




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