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emergency-gis message

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Subject: RE: [emergency-gis] EDXL-DE-2.0 GIS Issues List

How can I join the call? I’m not finding call details anywhere.




From: Hans Jespersen [mailto:Hans.Jespersen@SolaceSystems.com]
Sent: September-10-10 11:52 AM
To: emergency-gis@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [emergency-gis] EDXL-DE-2.0 GIS Issues List


For today's GIS call I would like to suggest we go through each of the outstanding GIS related EDXL 2.0 Issues from the issues list attached. In that way we can remain focused on delivering solutions to the stated GIS requirements for EDXL 2.0. Once we finish DE 2.0 we can start discussing other GIS related issues but the priority right now has got to be to get DE 2.0 out the door and make sure the Geo OASIS Where profile satisfies the stated requirements of the EDXL community as collected and vetted in the face to face meetings and sub committees.


Sound fair?



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