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Subject: RE: [emergency-gis] RE: Motion to recommend GML Simple Featuresprofile to the TC

Could you point me at the link to the simple features schema?
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-----Original Message-----
From: Carl Reed [mailto:creed@opengeospatial.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 1:28 AM
To: OASIS Emergency Management TC
Subject: [emergency-gis] RE: Motion to recommend GML Simple Features profile
to the TC

Dear  EM GIS Subcommittee -

Apologies for not being on the last couple of calls. Travel has been a bit
crazy lately. Elysa provided me an excellent synopsis of the discussions
that occurred at the last GIS SC conference call. A summary from Elysa:

<we> arrived at the fact that it seems Simple Features (along  with circle)
is going to be the best way to go.  We followed that  with an EM-TC meeting
the following Tues and all seemed to agree.

So, we now need an official motion from the GIS SC to the entire TC on this
topic. In terms of the Circle element, we already have an official Change
Request for GML Simple Features to include the Circle element.

Therefore, as GIS SC Chair, I recommend:

"That the OASIS EM TC endorse the use of GML Simple Features profile for
encoding location elements and features in OASIS standards as appropriate."

If there is no objection to unanimous consent by the end of this week, then
the motion passes. If there is objection, we will have to get more formal
and do a "hand" vote.

Hopefully I am following OASIS policies correctly :-)


Carl Reed, PhD
Open Geospatial Consortium

The OGC: Making Location Count 

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