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emergency-have message

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Subject: Concept for HAVE - slide

On a "food for thought" basis I am sending out a slide that could help us wrap our heads around things for HAVE 2.0.

I have attached a PPTX that shows a graphical indication of how the current HAVE could (if it works - I am attempting to build a sample file right now) be used. The data shown isn't for distribution but I have removed the names of the hospitals regardless. This slide comes from a basic briefing that I have given a few times explaining the value/use-case behind HAVE.

The concept here is that on a hospital-by-hospital (with new HAVE handling non-hospital facilities) status for key indicators that are relevant for both the health network leadership as well as external groups (EMS, fire, police, emergency managers, other key officials). The example comes from major events in Toronto (G8/G20 style) and the various concerns that were raised.

The facilities run down the left (rows) and the key indicators run across the top (columns). What is interesting is that I have compared some of these to HAVE "in the wild" and there is more overlap here than with the original HAVE 1.0 hard-coded list of services. My guess is that HAVE 1.0 was more effective when inward looking (i.e. Hospitals only) and didn't translate as well to the needs of external agencies. 

The colour-codes are roughly as follows (I am not 100% sure that there is a yellow state for this group - but the data are illustrative at a minimum):
  • RED = more than 20% over capacity (120+%)
  • Orange = 10-20% over capacity
  • Yellow = 0-10% over capacity
  • Green = normal

As I mentioned above I'll be creating some sample data for the attached. I'm also looking to create a HAVE1.0-esque version that shows  how the HAVE 2.0 schema can support the legacy HAVE 1.0 data.



Darrell O'Donnell, P.Eng.

Attachment: EDXL-HAVE basics.pptx
Description: EDXL-HAVE basics.pptx

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