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emergency-have message

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Subject: HAVE - 4pm today

Folks - we had a small group last week but hopefully things will pick up soon as we have begun some deeper outreach to bring some old HAVE players back in for comment to make sure that changes in HAVE 2.0 don't break the spirit of the original HAVE effort. That is unless is just makes sense to do so.

I will be available for 4pm or very shortly thereafter as I will be likely crossing an airport security cordon right around then. 

The goal that I would propose for today is to discuss some key concepts about HAVE so we can be assured that the current schema aligns. To that end I'd ask that you think about the following concepts as they relate to HAVE 2.0:

  • Services vs. Explicit Counts - HAVE 1.0 is very concerned with the question of "how many beds do you have available of a certain type?". It provides a non-extensible list of services for which bed counts (current and possible future) are maintained. To me it makes much more sense for the hospital/facility administration to be able to indicate what there overall capacity is in terms that don't necessarily require bed counts. However, we mustn't lose site of the fact that somewhere in the system (HL7 or OASIS EDXL-HAVE) it is very important to have this information.
  • Capacity vs. Availability - HAVE 1.0 characterizes the availability of services (again, a fixed list) using a Boolean yes|no choice. In day-to-day and crisis situations health facilities are (in my opinion) more likely to use a scale that covers a range of options (green = normal, yellow = marginal, red = over-capacity, black = beyond capacity/closed).

I look forward to chatting at 4pm.



Darrell O'Donnell, P.Eng.
www.oasis-open.org (volunteer member)

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