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emergency-have message

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Subject: HAVE

Thanks to all that made it to the call this afternoon. We're getting to one of the finish lines here so I'm pretty excited! It looks like we are largely done on the raw schema efforts and can begin working on the CSD document while we do a few other things in parallel (e.g. creating default lists where needed).  

Brian W & Lizzie, as we discussed it would be greate if you could review the current XSD overall in preparation for a GoToMeeting session next week (coordinates will be emailed out in advance of that session). Ideally Rob and Don will be able to participate in the call too.

The intent of this last push is to close out on changes to the XSD. I will then take the XSD, make some inline annotations that will be used when we start fleshing out the CSD document.

Charlene - as we discussed the schema and a few other XML-related artifacts are in an SVN repository that resides at the EM TC level: 


I'm looking forward to hearing and virtually seeing you all next week.



Darrell O'Donnell, P.Eng.
A/CTO - MASAS National Implementation Team
Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System (www.masas.ca)
Special Advisor (under contract) to the Centre for Security Science (CSS), Government of Canada

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