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emergency-have message

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Subject: 4PM Today - MAJOR cleanup and refactor - KEY Meeting

Folks - I have attached a new PDF of the schema and checked in (SVN) some major schema changes (XSD and PDF attached).

I have a few key items that I would like to discuss in our 4pm EDT meeting today. I believe we are at the point that the schema will only have very minor changes and that the document now becomes the key.

Here are the items that I would like to discuss in our meeting (please reach out and let me know if you have items to add):
  • EDXLString - we have discussed the use of this data type as opposed to xs:string. I don't believe this will work for comments. 
  • OperationsList - the new approach has a ValueListType (ValueListURI, Value pair) that can use a taxonomy.
  • Location - MAJOR refactor - removing the EDXLGeoPoliticalLocationType and replacing with address (XAL) and and geoCoordinates, which supports a required WGS84 geometry element and optional non-WGS84 SRS geometries.
  • RECONSIDER FacilityCapacityType - what was intended here? 
  • REVIEW ServiceListItemType/capacity -  seems redundant.
  • REVIEW ServiceListItemType/code - what was intended here with the value (+uom)?REVIEW ServiceListCodeDefaultType - not being used - should it be?
  • REVIEW ResourceQuantityType - the resourceKind (ResourceKindType) doesn't make sense unless we have a comprehensive list of resource types.
I look forward to hearing from you in our 4pm EDT meeting today.




Darrell O'Donnell, P.Eng.
OASIS Member (volunteer) - www.oasis-open.org 

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