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Subject: Meeting - 20AUG2013 cancelled - 27AUG2013 is next


We had a short meeting today and got an update from Rob. He is about 1/3 of the way through creating the first rough draft of the standards document. I'm on leave next week so we agreed to cancel next week's meeting so the next meeting with be on 27AUG2013 at 4pm EDT.

As we get to the point of circulating drafts of the standards document we'll need to get a bit more formal. I'll begin taking minutes for approval and I am getting advice from the TC to see what level of information we need to have in hand. The whole approach here is that we want to ensure that the levels of transparency comply with the OASIS guidelines to make sure that everything is good.

I'll raise a few questions at the TC regarding the draft (e.g. who can we consult to make sure we're heading down the right path) and process and I'll advise the group.

Have a great one and we'll see (hear) you in a couple of weeks.





Darrell O'Donnell, P.Eng.
OASIS Member (volunteer) - www.oasis-open.org 
OASIS EM-TC - Member

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