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emergency-have message

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Subject: OASIS EDXL-HAVE SC Meeting 2014-10-21

Notes from last evening’s meeting. Let me know if I missed anything important or captured something incorrectly. Thanks a ton folks! cheers, Darrell

OASIS EDXL-HAVE SC Meeting 2014-10-21

  • Noted Patti’s email comments. Great input.
  • triageCapacity - wrapped or not wrapped is the issue here. No real guidance at EM TC or RIM level. Will leave as is (wrapped) via group consensus.
    • VOTE - just by consensus.
  • Brian: 
    • Staffing element - in document is StaffingLevelType - the Schema is the correct.
    • in-line complex types - e.g. Services in-line - convert to ServicesType. Brian will 
  • Rex: 
    • 2.1 version note from Patti - change version number to 2.0
    • The revision numbers need to align with 02 - Rex and Darrell will update.
  • Tim:
    • Administrative/Process Facilitation role - will take on. Thanks Tim!

ROLES of Team Members:
  • Owners of the Documents/Artifacts (aka Monkeys):
    • Schema: Brian 
    • ERM: Patti 
    • body of document: Tim
    • Data Dictionary: Darrell 
  • Administrative portion of process/facilitation: Tim leads with support from Elysa and Rex.
Working Process:
  • Schema will drive the ERM (potentially a good chunk of work) and Data Dictionary (small amount of work).
  • Darrell proposed, Tim seconded that the SC aim for the 04NOV TC meeting to submit a draft to the TC for consideration. 

Darrell will send the group an email via the HAVE mailer for communications so we have a record of decisions.
Darrell- rename the WD to 02 and will take Rex’ markups and then Darrell will revise the file name for the .docx in SVN as well. 
Brian - change in-line complex types to their own type declaration and adjust the schema accordingly.
Darrell- Send email with screenshot of PDF and Doc - CC to Chet Ensign.

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