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emergency-have message

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Subject: HAVE2.0 Data Dictionary

I apologize being late with this but I hadn't actually joined the EM HAVE SC, so I had to do that just to send out my proofed version of Patti's latest revision of the specification.

So I only read Darrell's post a few minutes ago and I thought I should clarify a couple of things that could get a touch sticky with the plan to use the auto-generated pdf diagrams of Oxygen working with the schema to avoid our inevitable human errors.

I think there are work-arounds but the main sticking point is that we are on the hook to make it possible for TCAdmin to generate html from our editable source document. Hence either Word .docx or Open Office .odt are preferred. That makes it difficult to produce editable source from the pdf, though I suspect that it is possible to convert pdf diagrams into gifs or jpgs and use the material that way.

However, we should be able to put the whole pdf into an appendix by itself and avoid any need to cut and paste, and I suspect it will be easier to read that way. I am somewhat conflicted with jettisoning the old data dictionary just because the other EDXL specifications use it, especially if having both is a viable option.


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